Northgate Lighting Returns Policy (as of 1st March 2017)

 Northgate Lighting will….

1.0 Where products supplied are proven faulty, issue 100% credit note. All goods will be tested on return and the customer advised. Should the products be found to be subsequently working. The debit note will be rejected. The goods will then be made available for return to the customer.

2.0 Where goods were supplied incorrectly to the customer’s order specification, will issue 100% credit.

3.0 Where goods are supplied correctly to a customer order, Northgate will not accept a return unless:

3.1 For items that are ‘Normally Stocked’ by Northgate Lighting Ltd
i) We will apply a £9.50 or 30% charge whichever is highest to recover costs of packing, dispatching, then receiving and re-stocking.
ii) The cost of returning the goods is the responsibility of the customer.

3.2 For items that are not ‘Normally Stocked’ by Northgate Lighting Ltd.
i) Any return is at our discretion and may not be accepted.
ii) A return/handling fee from our supplier may apply.
iii) In the event our supplier refuses to take these products, Northgate Lighting will also refuse.

3.3 Special ordered or manufactured goods will not be accepted back unless faulty.

4.0 Northgate Lighting Ltd., will not accept correctly supplied goods back over 12 weeks from original invoice date.

For all queries and returns please contact