Our branded T5 & T8 fluorescent tubes are available in cover & food safe, these are coated in-house with a high quality shatterproof tubing; Food Safe (FEP) / Cover Safe (PET).

Food safe

Our food safe tubes are ideal for food manufacturing environments, these offer 100% splinter protection to BS EN 61549.


 √ Fragments and lamp caps retained by sleeve

√ Ideal for food manufacturing environments

√ 100% splinter protection to BS EN 61549

√ Dust and dirt resistant

√ Heat resistant to 150°C

√ Continuous operating temperature -40°C to 150°C


Cover safe

Our cover safe tubes are ideal for offices and warehouses, these offer a high spec glass containment system.


√ Protects the workplace

√ Operating temperature -40°C to 100°C

√ Ideal for offices & warehouses

√ High spec containment system

√ Transparency to visible light >99%

√ UV Block >99%


View our fluorescent tubes here available in T5 & T8 or call our friendly sales team on 0113 467 0000 for more info