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Northgate Lighting stocks a wide variety of lighting products, including:

  • Branded Lamps
  • High Frequency Ballasts
  • Switch Start Chokes
  • SOLO10 Downlight
  • SON/Metal Halide Control Gear
  • Emergency Lighting
  • LED Panels
  • LED SON/MH Replacements
  • Fire Rated PyroPanel™
  • LED Tubes
  • LED Household Lamps
  • Lighting Capacitors
  • Fluorescent Starters
  • Lighting Cable
  • HID Lamps
  • Lowbay & Highbay LED
  • Circular Panels
  • Floodlights

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Download our energy saving calculator to see the amount of energy and money you can save simply by switching to lower wattage or LED lighting